This rare Porsche 911S was detailed  for the gents at Export56.   The standard of work  undertaken by these guys cannot go unnoticed. Detailed in and out to make sure its in perfect condition to go back to its customer and make them smile. It’s a testament to their work as many others don’t bother or care about the appearance of their cars being delivered. This is what sets them apart.

To make sure the car was in the best condition upon completion we spent a day detailing her.


Full safe wash system utilising the 3 bucket wash system and snow foam pre-wash

The paint was then fully decontaminated using clay, De-tar and a panel wipe to finish.

All areas were fully paint depth gauged and again panel wiped for a “clear canvas’ this allows us to then insect the paint free of any contaminates using a Colour Range Index Light (CRI).

Paint Work

The paint was in good condition only every day swirls and a few random deep scratches (RDS) that required a light sand.

Once the RDS’s were taken care of we then used a medium polish and light pad to remove all defects. The paint was then cleansed, sealed and waxed.


All rubbers were cleaned and treated using Swissvax products.

The wheels were removed, cleaned tyres dressed and sealed. All arches were steamed to remove stubborn road grime.


All the exterior glass was polished and sealed for good measure


The interior needed a little attention, using colourlock products we were able to give all areas a new but not shiny look. All Fabrics were cleaned and sealed to match.

We finished off with the chrome and stainless steel sealed with Britemax products.