We received this Audi RS 4 form our Client Deutsh Tech, which came in for a LOT of paint correction and coating.

Before we could get to grips with the paint correction, we got to work on the wheel arches and callipers, as they needed a fully clean and de tared.

If we had left them for later, the dust and dirt would have covered and contaminated the polished paint work.

We then carried out a number of operations on the paint work :-

Corrected the paint imperfections.

Removed a number of scratches of varying depth.

Removing all swirls present.

So, we began with the following steps :-

General sanding.

Hard cutting.

Final cut finish.

The main priority has been to ‘cutting in’ on the skirts, as they have had over 10 years’ worth of abuse.

We can now see the metallic in the paint coating, then finishing off with a few touch ups.

Before we moved on to the rest of the car, we removed the indicators, badges etc. Always a better finish but often not achievable.

The application of the three coatings, was applied to this RS, with the wheels coated, tyres dressed. Glass coated to match.

Exterior done!, car paint corrections completed, polished and coated, the end result is that the car looks amazing.

There are a few bits in the paint that we just could not remove, as the scratches were too deep.

We have sanded the edges to blend it more into the clear cost so you cannot see it to the eye. You’d need a CRI light to see them.

All that remains to be done is to have the badges to be replaced, wing mirrors and the roof spoiler to have a dash of paint.


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