PPF Paint Protection in action

SunTek® are the market leaders within the industry offering the very best in PPF ( Paint Protection Film) services.

Marque One Detailing is one of a small number of approved SunTek® detailing company’s within the UK, that are fully trained, and registered, but also supported by the necessary working environments to fit any application required.

What is PPF?
PPF (paint protection film) is a strong and fine poly- urethane material that is almost completely invisible.

Because when this film is applied to the body of a car, it creates a defensive layer that protects the paintwork from chips, scratches and other abrasive markings, whilst providing a long lasting protection in comparison to other treatments.

The Benefits of Suntek PPF

Paint Protection Film (PPF) services help to maintain, or increase the value and desirability of your vehicle by not only restoring the paint work to a standard that is ‘like new’ but also by providing long term protection to the paint work of the car. What’s most impressive about PPF, but also its ability to self-heal.

As a result of applying Paint Protection Film  through Marque One Detailing ,your and your pride and joy, will benefit from the following

Suntek PPF Approved Installer

Templated and Bulk Installed


10 Yrs Warranty/ Guarantee

Restoring the condition of paintwork for just about any vehicle

Strong & fine Poly – urethane material

Helps to maintain & increase the value of the vehicle

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PPF Paint Protection Film Before and After       PPF Protection Film been applied