The owner of Aline magic car care UK, booked in his Audi RS4- for one of our full exterior detailing packages.

We used a prototype coating, which he supplied for use on his car, the gloss levels are very high as expected, we then added some PPF film to the black pillars for added protection.

We started with a full deep wash to remove years of grime, utilising a 2 wash system.

The car was then put onto the ramp. The wheels were removed. Followed by a full deep clean. Using an Iron fallout remover, de-greaser, together with a clay barred, and tar removal. Finished off with an Alien Magic 5-year wheel coating

The wheel arches and callipers were then deep cleaned, finally the arches were then dressed.

The paint work was fully decontaminated by using a fallout remover, a clay barred, and tar removed. Followed by a paint panel wipe, and full paint level check on all of the panels.

After checking that the paint levels were within the specification. We then used a rotary process to cut down into the paint to remove the years of bad washing techniques.

This particular process took two days. In conjunction with a lot of sanding to achieve the finished surface required to start the next process.

Once we were happy with the defect removal, a medium cut pad and polish was used, followed by a fine cut pad and polish to achieve the desired show room finish.

The entire car was then panel wiped down twice, followed with a full inspection for any imperfections and checked with a colour range index light.

When this was completed and the surface finish had been achieved, Alien magic’s new version of Nero was applied .

The Piano black door pillars were then fully polished and with a PPF covering applied.

All glass was then polished and coated using Alien Magic coatings.

For more formation on the process used on this particular Audi RS4, or wish to discuss a particular be – spoke packages for your car, or to find out more about our packages including, Detailing  Ceramic coating and PPF packages, the contact Mark at or call Mark on 07548675497