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Classic car detailing at Marque One detailing 

At Marque One detailing, this is a very important service, particularly when working on vintage, heritage & classic motor cars, particualy as this is very often the final step in a restoration project.

As a family run business, we pride ourselves on delving that personal touch, this enables us to treat all vehicles we work on with the respect and care they deserve.

It is for this reason, that we at Marque One detailing understand that due to the age of classic cars, (especially those that are regularly used).

It is quite likely that the paint work is chipped, or has been repainted in the past, as a well as scratches, swirl marks, or loss of colour and shine, which contributes to the general degrading of the paint work.

Depending on the services received, and how often the car is used, some classic cars may need to be detailed regularly, especially in preparation for a classic car show or concours.

Marque One detailing Classic car portfolio.

Explore in this section,  some of the vintage, heritage & classic cars, that we at Marque One detailing have had the honour to worked with, including a 3 times Salon Prive’ winner, and a Warren Classic ‘Best in Class’ winner.

Porsche 356 Speedster

This amazing Porsche 356 Speedster was in for four days, the reason for this was, that during our standard inspection process, it was established that a full preparation package was needed on this Classic car.

This particular package selection was chosen, because the paint was in need of a complete overhaul, the reason for this so the paint work on the car can be brought back to its former glory.

The loving care and work that was put into this ‘old lady’, was duly rewarded, when this classic car became a Salon Prive’ 3 times winner.

Ferrari Daytona 365

“The unofficial Daytona name, is reported to have been applied by the media, rather than Ferrari, the name was used to commemorate Ferrari’s 1-2-3 finish in the February 1967 24 Hours of Daytona, with a 330 P3/4, a 330 P4, and a 412 P.

To this day, Ferrari itself only rarely refers to the Ferrari Daytona 365 as the “Daytona”, which has become its “unofficial” name”.

Aston Martin DBS vantage

detailing - vintage - heritage - classic

This amazing Aston Martin DBS vantage , was detailed by Marque One Detailing for ‘Richards of England’.

This is one of the best builds, we at Marque One detailing have come across. This lovley lady came second at the ‘Aston Martin’ owners club spring concours.

1971 Aston Martin DBS V8

 Aston Martin  DBS V8 Fuel Injection,

Marque One Detailing, had the privilege and honour to be asked by Richards of England , to prepare this wonderfuly restored 1971 Aston Martin  DBS V8 Fuel Injection, Automatic, Left-hand drive, for the 2019 Salon Privé show, held at Blenheim Palace.

This rare classic was also shown at the prestigious 2019 ‘Warren Classic’, were it won the ‘Warren Classic Best in Class’ award.

1968 Mercedes 280

This rare elegant old lady, a 1968 Mercedes 280, fitted with disc brakes and power steering, for this old school gent cruiser.

After our standard pre work inspection. Need a lot doing on the paint work, as expected for a classic of this vintage.

The following work was carried out

  • A full wash and decontamination.
  • Single stage polish.
  • The glass work was fully cleaned.
  • Wheels, tyres and hub caps were coated with a wheel coated.
  • The Interior fabrics and leathers, were sealed with colour locked.
  • All of the wood interia was fully waxed and restored.

1956 Bentley S1 Sports Saloon

Marque One Detailing had the privilege and honour to be asked by Richards of England to prepare this wonderful restored Bentley for the 2019 Salon Privé shown held at Blenheim Palace.

The following work was carried out

  • A full wash and decontamination is undertaken, before any polishing can take place, this is because the paint work needs to be fully de-greased or panel wiped down, for a true inspection.
  • Once the paint is fully wiped down, we now have true ‘blank canvas’ paint area. Using Colour range index lighting, we are able to see further into the paint to see what imperfections we have, after a quick look over and inspection, a paint depth gauge is used to measure the paint levels, this allows us to ‘cut/remove’ paint imperfections safely, leaving enough clear coat for UV and paint protection.

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