The 2019 Salon Prive show held at Blenheim Palace, Marque One Detailing had the pleasure and honour to work on  truly wonderful and rare classic cars. A 1957 Bentley S1 sport solon and this Aston Martin 1971 DBS,

During the show both these grand ladies , superbly detailed by Marque One Detailing attracted great interest, at the 2019 Salon Prive show, was these rare 1971 Aston Martin DBS V8 Fuel Injection – Automatic – Left-hand drive, was of particular interest, as this particular model is one of  402 originally made, – just 43 DBS V8s were registered in the UK last year. Furthermore, the majority of DBS V8s produced were right-hand drives, making this a rare and exciting prospect. Only 3 DBS V8’s were ever manufactured in “Cricket White”. Of the three, only one was ordered with bottle green leather trim, which offers a stunning contrast.

Aston Martin Salon Prive Salon Prive Aston Martin DBS Salon Prive Engine Aston Marton DBS


This truly superb Bentley S1 4 Door Sports Saloon (7401) by H.J. Mulliner is an extremely rare model, with just 27 of its type ever being built. When built, it’s features included an aluminium body instead of the standard steel one, “suicide” rear doors and even an adjustable driver’s seat that sat on extended rails. The model was sold at a 60-70% premium over the standard steel saloon. Despite its lighter shell and trimmed features, even by today’s standards the 7401 is an indubitably comfortable ride. It’s believed that there were just 9 motors of its type still running in 2017.

    Bentley 1956