We at Marque One Detailing are honoured to be asked to be part of the delivery of the new Ngenco Protect Paint Protection System, with Pennings UK, hear in the UK.

From the video below, you will see the amazing finish that has been achieved, when we and the guy’s at Pennings UK  applied the Ngenco Protect Paint Protection system on a classic Porsche 356.

This application was one of the first to be undertaken by the guys at Pennings UK for Export56.

To see how Ngenco Protect stands up to the impact test, follow this link  NGENCO Protect Impact Test on Vimeo

The results have been truly amazing giving a Crystal-clear protection without :-

  • Cuts or tears,
  • Stress marks,
  • Glue residues,
  • UV yellowing and fading,

Which you would traditionally have when applying a car wrapping or applying PPF to a car.

Ngenco Protect is an invisible, durable and safe way to protect your car from scratches, chips, road debris and malicious damage. Available in high gloss and matte.

Protect is the only paint protection system on the market that guarantees to guard your pride and joy against the everyday rigours of the road

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