Salon Prive’ concours winner 356 Speedster, 3 times winner

This amazing Porsche 356 Speedster was in for four days, this was because it was established that a full preparation package was going to be needed on this Classic car.

The reason for this particular package selection, was because the paint was in need of a complete overhaul and brought back to its former glory.

As a result of this selection, a full polish and ceramic coating application was carried out, by using a IGL Kenzo ceramic coating package, the reason for this particular package selection was because a supper fine gloss finish is required, thereby a gloss finish is achieved, which resulted in this Classic Porsche been brought back to its former glory.

Marque One Detailing are extremely proud been an Salon Prive’ Concours 3 times winner held at Blenham Palace, which is possibly the most prestigious Concours events held in the United Kingdom.

Work carried out. 

  • Clay barred,
  • Panel wipe,
  • Full inspection using Scan grip lights,
  • Wet sanding
  • 3 stage polish with Menzerna polishes,
  • Panel wiped,
  • Wheels Removed, washed Clay barred, polished and sealed
  • Arches cleaned and polish
  • Engine bay full clean and detail
  • Complete undercarriage clean
  • Glass cleaned and sealed
  • Seats steamed, cleaned and sealed

Equipment used

  • Mille from Rupes
  • Duetto by Rupes
  • Rupes –  Nano
  • Flex PE14-2 Rotary
  • Meguires Micro fibre cutting discs
  • Nano Flexy pads
  • Megs 105 cut Menzerna 3800 polish/Megs 205

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