Ceramic Coatings example

Why do car enthusiasts have Ceramic coatings applied to there “Pride and Joy’s” ?.

This is because they appreciate the added benefits Ceramic Coatings give, in addition to these listed below.

  • Added Protection
    • As a result of the unique protective film, it block’s all manner of foreign matter that can cause damage to the car’s paint work.
  • Longer Lasting
    • Traditional wax protection does not give the long lasting qualities of Ceramic coatings, as a result are a cost effective way of ensuring a long lasting, high quality finish.
  • Easer To Clean 
    • The Ceramic coatings provides an extremely smooth and even surface, as a result it makes the removal of foreign  matter essayer from the car’s paint work.
  • Bonus Benefit
    • Improves the car’s appearance,with a fresh shiny, sleek exterior that retains its high gloss finish

Marque One Detailing are 1 of only 40 approved detailers in the UK, who are qualified to apply and install the Kamikaze collection and IGL ceramic collection. 

Marque One Detailing Ceramic Coating packages offer the following.:-

Benifit Install all ranges at the client’s request of budget.

BenifitFull programs to new, used and classic cars.

Benifit of Ceramic CoatingsRepair coatings that are damaged or incorrectly applied.

Benifit of Ceramic CoatingsProvides a tough coating that offers great protection and durability

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 To show an example of a fine finish   Ceramic Coatings example   To show an example of a fine finish after detailing has been completed