In order to achieve the perfect finish, We carry out certain steps and procedures that are needed prior to achieve this.

Marque One Detailing uses their tried and tested techniques, by using the best equipment on the market to ensure the best possible results.

To understand what work has to be carried out to achieve such a high standard result, the preparation is paramount.

In each detail we complete the following steps to ensure you are more than satisfied with the result.


Hand washing, Drying, In depth decontamination,


Paint depth readings, Pad and polish choice,

Post polishing inspection.

Sealants. Waxes,

Final rinse,

Wheels,  Glass, Engine bay cleaning,


Interior Clean

Marque One Detailing Packages that are available to obtain the high standard of detailing that Marque One Detailing prides its self on , are as follows

Enhancement Detail –

Designed to increase the paintwork’s finish whilst offering a year of protection

Classic Detail –

Designed to remove light swirls and minor defects using a machine polisher. The paint will have been de-contaminated prior to the polish and have a wax or sealant added to protect and enhance the look of the paint.

Graphite Detail –

The Delta Graphite detail is a major overhaul of the paint work with extensive work. The paint follows the same processes as the previous details but more importantly this process has the cutting process to remove 85-90% of paint defects. This is then followed up with the polish stage to finish the correction

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