Ceramic Coating Services

IGL & Kamikaze

Marque One Detailing provides a "Best in Class" professional Ceramic Coating service, This high standard of finish is only achieved by the experience of Marque One Detailers, supported by the use of only the best products from IGL & Kamikaze, which therefore comes together to deliver the quality of finish and standard that our clients have come to expect. Our Self healing, anti-scratch coatings help to protect your pride and joy from damages cause by rough terrain such as chips and scratches. Marque One Detailing is one of a small number of approved SunTekĀ® detailing company's within the UK, that are fully trained, and registered to fit Paint Protection Film (PPF), which is supported by the necessary working environments to fit any application required, which gives you the piece of mind and confidence that a professional application is achieved.

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