The Marque One Detailing team, are qualified to fit all types of PPF Installations, delivering the very best application possible.

Marque One Detailing offers a range of tailor made PPF packages, that insures your vehicle receives the correct PPF application.

What are the Benefits of Paint Protection Film?

PPF (paint protection film) is a strong & fine urethane material that is almost completely invisible. When this film is applied to the body of a car, it creates a defensive layer that protects the paintwork from chips, scratches and other abrasive markings, providing long lasting protection in comparison to other treatments


Paint Protection Film gives a strong layer of protection against the damage caused by stones, and other debris. Its self-healing technology repairs scratches with heat from the sun or engine.

Which Paint Protection Film is right for you?

All SunTek® Paint Protection Film products feature our proprietary top coats and are installed by SunTek® dealers. Choose high gloss or matte finish with your preferred level of durability.

Marque One Paint Protection Packages.

We offer a number of different Paint Protection Film packages and applications that are uniquely tailored to fit your requirements, including our special wheel arch and front bumper package.

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