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PPF (Paint Protection Film)

Marque One Detailing are proud to work with Auto FX to provide a PPF (paint protection film) service, to help restore the condition of paintwork for just about any vehicle and provide additional protection to maintain a show stopping finish.

What is PPF?

PPF (paint protection film) is a strong & fine urethane material that is almost completely invisible. When this film is applied to the body of a car, it creates a defensive layer that protects the paintwork from chips, scratches and other abrasive markings, providing long lasting protection in comparison to other treatments.

The benefits of PPF

Our detailing services help to maintain or increase the value & desirability of a vehicle by not only restoring them to a standard that is ‘like new’ but also by providing long term protection. What’s most impressive about PPF however, is its ability to self-heal.

Watch this video on the Auto FX YouTube channel to discover how this works:

PPF vs ceramic coatings

Ceramic coatings are generally much more cost effective than PPF, so when choosing the best protection for your vehicle, it really boils down to how much it’s used and the overall value of the car.

If the vehicle is high value and frequently used (all year round), PPF is most certainly the best solution, as you are more likely to experience the long term benefits, however if your car is of a lower value and rarely used (infrequently in the summer months), ceramic coating is likely to be the best option for you.

Why we work with Auto FX to provide PPF

Auto FX are a trusted partner of Marque One detailing, and are fully accredited supplier & installers of Sun Tek & Xpel Ultimate PPF film. They consistently deliver a high quality of workmanship & care on all installations they are entrusted with, to a standard we would expect of our own specialists.

They have an extensive database of digitally designed patterns that enable them to offer a precise installation service for nearly all vehicles.

All cars that receive PPF installation services will also receive warranty (5 years for Sun Tec PPF & 10 years for Xpel). This covers against cracking, bubbling, yellowing and deterioration of the film.

PPF Packages

Standard: Offering protection to the most vulnerable areas which are prone to stone chipping on the front of the car.

Full Front: This is the most popular package as it offers full protection to the entire front end as well as particularly vulnerable areas.

Complete: This is the most extensive package as it offers complete protection to all external painted areas.

What we do

Prior to applying PPF film, a full detailing service must be provided. This is to ensure we are working with a smooth surface free of lumps, bumps and debris that could compromise the protective performance of the film. Detailing before hand will also remove the majority of chips, marks & scratches as this will detract from the overall finish.

Our Detailing Packages

Click the links below to learn more about what is included in each detailing package.

We also provide additional services such as ceramic coating, interior leather & vinyl repairs, valeting & washing.

Why us

Peace of mind
Fully insured transportation & Asset security
We use only the best products, techniques and trusted partners
High quality & speed of service
Aston Martin specialists

For more information & prices for our detailing packages & PPF application services, either fill out our contact form, email Mark at or call us on either 07548675497 or 07840039615.

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