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Classic Car Detailing

Classic Car Detailing.

We at Marque One Detailing offer a number of tailor made specialist Classic Car Detailing packages, designed specifically to meet not only your needs but also your cars requirements.

We have worked on numerous classic cars from Aston Martin DB 2-4’s, DB 4,5’s and 6’s for Aston Martin Works, classic Ferraris for Bells motor sport as well as numerous classic Porsche 301’s,356’s,911’s and 912’s.

The detailing of a Classic Car requires a lot of love , attention and most importantly being sympathetic to the condition of the car in question, but also respecting what the original condition of the car was when it was first made.

It is for this reason we at marque One Detailing design specialist Classic Car Detailing packages for each individual car.

Cost: POA | Time: 12 + hours

This starting package is more suited to classic cars that want to keep a vintage wax look. The vehicle will have the following under taken.

  • Full safe wash and decontamination, if the vehicle is a potential barn find or in disrepair we use other methods to safely clean them.
  • All areas of the paint are fully decontaminated including, clay, de-tar, water spot removal and fallout remover.
  • The vehicle is then inspected for paint depth level analysis
  • The paint is then panel wiped and checked over with a colour range index light
  • A 1,2 or 3 stage polish can then be under taken to meet the clients expectations and budget.
  • The paint will also be waxed for protection and gloss.
  • Wheels: Fully safely cleaned and tyres dressed
  • Chromes/stainless steel  – cleaned and polished
  • Rubbers – Cleaned and dressed

We also offer an engine bay detailing, interior cleaning, Concours preparation and more.

If you have a specific area(s) that you would like more information on please email or call us, so we can tailor any treatment to you and your cars requirements

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