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Vehicle/Asset Security

Marque One Detailing’s CEO was a former member of the British Parachute Regiment serving in Iraq and other hostile environments. After completing this intense service, he moved into the Private security sector and using skills taught within the military, he built a very successful career protecting and taking care of HNWI’s, their families and their investments from Afghanistan to the Bahamas.


Marque One offers a unique service in protecting your most valuable assets. We offer former Tier 1 and Tier 2 security specialists comprising of former UK Special Forces, Parachute Regiment and Royal Marines to accompany, guard and track your most prized investments whilst in transit or at a static location. Recognising the significance and benefit of vehicle/asset security, we are the only Detailing company to offer such a comprehensive service. Using our services not only brings peace of mind but adds value by way of reduced insurance costs and future proofing distress in the event of misdemeanour.


All personnel are:

  • Former UK Special Forces and Para/Marine operators
  • In possession of a minimum 5 years executive/Asset security
  • Security Industry Authority approved (SIA)
  • Enrolled in Non -Disclosure agreements
  • In possession of a Clean criminal record

If you would like more information regarding such services please email. 

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