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Washing Packages

To maintain the appearance of your vehicle Marque One Detailing offer single washes to monthly subscription washes.

All washes incorporate a 2-bucket wash system with grit guards. All vehicles are snow foamed whilst using the correct washing techniques used. All shampoo’s and foams are Ph neutral to guarantee that any wax’s or sealants are not damaged during the process. 

The process of drying a vehicle is hugely overlooked and its common for paint work to be damaged during this process. To limit damage during drying we use filtered water free from calcium, this rinses the vehicle of left over soaps but can be left to dry naturally, safe in the knowledge that water marks will not appear. To be safe – we also us a ‘blower’ to remove water from hard to reach areas. The more the paint work is touched – the more chance the paint will be scratched. We always try to limit any contact with the paint.

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