Iconic Vauxhall GTE

Iconic Vauxhall GTE Receives The Marque One Detailing Magic

This Iconic Vauxhall GTE came into us at Marque One Detailing were part of a dedicated team who undertook the mammoth task of restoring this amazing 1991 Vauxhall GTE.

The Iconic Vauxhall GTE might be one of the underrated hatchbacks of the 1980s, but that certainly doesn’t mean it was not up there with the best.

For those of us who are old enough to remember the hatchback wars of the 1980s, the Iconic Vauxhall GTE Mk1 was always something of a bit-part player in the crowded, which featured the mega-stars of the 1980’s.

In a few short years since the Golf GTI arrived in 1977 (and in RHD form in the UK in 1979), it had come to dominate and define this market sector like no other car. The one that came the closest in these formative years of the 1980’s was the Ford Escort XR3, which as we know, really was a case of style over substance.

Iconic Vauxhall GTE

The Iconic Vauxhall GTE Mk1 actually had a year’s head start over the Escort III on the UK market, and established itself as an impressive overall package, with lots of room, keen handling and sharp styling.

However, what it lacked was a credible GTI-rivalling model in the line-up – the two-tone SR looked the part, but it wasn’t until 1982, it received anywhere near the power to go hatchback fighting, with the fitment of the Cavalier’s 1.6-litre 90bhp Family Two under the bonnet.

Today, as appreciation for 1980s metal becomes increasingly mainstream, the GTE looks as sharp as it ever did. Other drivers stop and stare, and its four-square squat stance and daintiness, really set it apart.

The Rebirth and Restoration Of This Amazing Iconic Vauxhall GTE

This particular Vauxhall GTE, was stored for a very long time and had seen better days, the paint work was not in great condition, as well as the body work was also showing signs of serious deterioration with as a result of neglect over a number of years.

Iconic Vauxhall GTE


The restoration of the body work was then under taken, which involved completely sanding down all of the body work panels, using a well establish sanding process, starting with 2500 grit abrasives, stepping down through the grit sizes, finally finishing with 8000 grit abrasives, in preparation for the next stage of the paint restoration process.

A “three stage” polishing process was then applied to all of the body work of this old lady, to give her paint work a truly amazing lustre, and bring it back to the levels that one would expect of a car of this pedigree, finished off with hand applied coats of wax.

The wheels were then removed, to fully deep clean the wheel arches and underside of this GTE, to ensure that this old lady would look her best.

The engine bay was deep cleaned, after the full engine bay was cleaned and sealed, it was noticed that there were a number of superficial rust spots, as well as a few areas that looked like they could develop into potential rust spots, as a result of this inspection all of the areas as identified as being a rust spot or looked like developing into a rust spot area, was treated, primed and re painted.

All glass areas of this GTE were polished and finished to ensure that all glass areas were finished to the same standard as the rest of the car, giving an overall amazing appearance and finish to the exterior.

The interior of the car was in a terrible state, the dash board, was cleaned and refurnished.

The seating was also cleaned, restored and sealed as well as the deep cleaning of the carpets and interior panels, to bring in the car back up to its former best.

All of the rubbers on this car received the deep clean treatment to finish of the restoration of the interior of this Iconic Vauxhall GTE.

The transformation from when this beauty came into us, to where she is now is amazing.

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