Porsche 964 Carrera - Ceramic Wax Finish


Porsche 964 Carrera Receives a Full Ceramic Wax Finish

This Porsche 964 Carrera came into our detailing studio for a full wash, decontamination, polish, seal and a ceramic wax to finish.

We also under took a full interior deep clean and seat repairs to match. It was a real pleasure to work on this, as these cars are getting rare and was lovely to see.

We at Marque One Detailing work with our clients to build a tailor made detailing packages that meets the needs and requirements identified.

Work That was carried out

Marque One Detailing uses their tried and tested techniques, by using the best equipment on the market to ensure the best possible results.

To understand what work has to be carried out to achieve such a high standard result, the preparation is paramount.

Before we start to give this Porsche 964 Carrera a full wash, decontamination, polish, seal and a ceramic wax to finish, we completed the following steps to ensure you are more than satisfied with the result.


Hand washing, Drying, In depth decontamination,


Paint depth readings, Pad and polish choice,

Post polishing inspection.

Sealants. Waxes,

After the pre detailing inspection has been completed, we then applied our unique “Enhancement Detail” package, which has been designed specifically to increase the paint finish of your ‘pride and joy’, giving your vehicle up to 6 months’ worth of protection.

*Starting package for the “Enhancement Detail” package contains the following:-

Full decontamination

Iron fallout

Clay barred

Tar removal

Paint waxed for protection

Gloss finish

Wheels – cleaned and dressed

All glass cleaned

Tail pipes polished

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