Porsche Panamera - Black Ceramic Coating


Porsche Panamera - Black Ceramic Coating by Marque One Detailing

This Porsche Panamera came into our detailing studio for one of our special Black ceramic coating package.

All vehicles MUST be fully decontaminated and polished before an application to ensure that the coating can fully bond to the surface.

Polishing the paint before an application is paramount to the overall finish, if the paint is not polished the ceramic coating will ‘lock in’ swirled paint. Leaving a sub-standard finish

Work That was carried out

Prior to any ceramic coating application Marque One Detailing will undertake the following steps to ensure the paint is perfectly prepared for the coating.

These steps are undertaken on every ceramic application, this is known as the ‘preparation’ stage.

Preparation stage 

Full safe wash

Clay bar


Water spot removal

Iron fall out remover

Paint depth analysis 

Colour Range Index  (CRI) inspection

1,2 or 3 stage paint correction

Panel wipe

Coating application

24 hour cure time

Pure water rinse and dry

When this process has been completed we then applied our Black Ceramic Coating package to this Porsche Panamera, which comprised of the following.

Kamikaze Collection ENREI a state of the art 2-stage sealant for the ultimate in protection & gloss whilst further increasing the hydrophobic properties and extending durability to between 3-7 years.

IGL Kenzo 10 H hardness and extreme durability

Followed off with these optional extras

Wheels removed cleaned and coated with IGL/Kamikaze coating

Callipers coated

Glass coated – with IGL/Kamikaze coating

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