Grand Cherokee Trackhawk - Platinum Special Ceramic Coating


Grand Cherokee Trackhawk - Platinum Special Ceramic Coating - Zipang self healing coating

When we received this Grand Cherokee Trackhawk into our detailing studio to receive its new Zipang self healing coating.

Using the very best in products on the market, the Trackhawk now has a finish to match its performance.

Using a full range of Kamikaze products including the new ‘Zipang’ self healing coating the finish is flawless.

Work That was carried out in applying the Zipang self healing coating.

However before we could start work on this monster of an SUV back, we had to carry out our standard pre detailing inspection and preparation.

Which included a full decontamination, including the following, before we could start on the applying this Platinum Special ceramic coating package.


Hand washing, Drying, In depth decontamination,


Paint depth readings, Pad and polish choice,

Post polishing inspection.

Sealants. Waxes,

When the above was completed, we were able to then start the process of applying the Platinum Special package. 

Platinum Special. – Ziapang self healing Coating.

Kamikaze Collection Ziapang a state of the art self-healing anti scratch coating. A 3-stage sealant for the ultimate in protection & gloss whilst further increasing the hydrophobic properties and extending durability.

This vehicle was with us for 3 days to enable us to carry out the complete process, to ensure that the best results possible were achieved before the client picked up this amazing SUV.

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