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Marque One Detailing, an award winning company that continues to sustain the ability to provide a satisfactory service to there client’s on projects involving both antique and ultramodern editions of high-value vehicles,.
A noteworthy mention amongst Marque One’s many outstanding accomplishments is that they are the only third-party car detailer accredited by British automobile company McLaren to work on their flagship cars, including the McLaren F1 supercars, which demand a specific set of skills to manage, as well as accredited specialist for a Porsche cars.
Marque One provides prospective clients with a broad range of offers consisting of various detailing, ceramic coating, paint correction, and paint protection packages.
Over the past three years, Marque One has cemented its position as one of the best choices for clients preparing to contest in vintage or supercar exhibitions or Concourses. Projects worked on by the company have gone on to win several hotly contested concourses, including the 2017 Aston Martin Owners Club Concours and the Concours of Elegance at the Hamptons Court Palace, the UK’s premier car showcase competition. Marque One has also prepared vintage cars such as the Porsche Roadster 356, which clinched up to 3 Salon Prive’ awards in 2018, including the ‘best of show,’ an award highly coveted by many detailers but possessed by only a select few.
When looking for a detailing company with an established pedigree and a long list of prestigious clients, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better fit than Marque One. This company’s clientele stretches far and wide across various top organizations such as Tom Hartley, McLaren, Export56, and even Richards of England, for whom they completed the restoration of a very rare 1971 Aston Martin DBS V8, fuel injection, automatic, left-hand drive. This car eventually won an award for ‘best in class’ at the 2019 edition of Warren Classic.
Marque One provides car detailing services all across Europe, including locations such as Monaco and Switzerland.
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