Honda Type F gets The Full Modesta UK Treatment

We’ve been on this Honda Type F all week. Tough cookie this one, repainted at some point with ultra low paint levels, nibs, dry areas, deep scratches and fall back on filler work.
A very light wet sand was used to minimise heat when cutting back. Sanding if undertaken correctly is a extremely good and quick way to achieve excellent results even with thin paint.
We utilised the experience from Pennings UK for multiple options and best practices on this paint issue as well, after the sanding heavy/medium cut with a final polish to achieve the best possible results.
We then proceeded to start with a full cleanse, followed by the application of  Modesta P1 primer, which was then finished of by applying  Modesta BC08, as a finial finish to give the paint work a top class finish, whilst at the same time protecting the paint work from what ever the road can throw at it.
Wheels cleaned, tyres dressed, Multiple rubbers and plastics changed and dyed, all lights polished and costed, engine bay tidy, glass cleaned and interior hoovered.
All of which resulted in a nice project with amazing results
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