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Rare Porsche 968CS Comes Into The Dream Detailing Studio

This rare Porsche 968CS in flat black is as rare as hens’ teeth. We had a few hurdles of over come on this amazing Porsche when it came into our detailing studio last week.

There was the issue of stickers, very little paint in areas, the paint is supper soft and old. It had a single stage paint applied in one area, whilst the reset of the paint surface was lacquered, and that was before we hade even really got going getting this beauty back to her immaculate  best.

So, we started by masking off the stickers and polished separately with tiny polishers, which took a long time to achieve the finish required and desired, meaning that she is still not finished completely by any means.

We still have to carryout some “touch in’s”, all of the rubbers need cleaning, put back on and coated, brake hubs need painting, glass needs cleaning and coating, plus a full interior clean and detail yet to come.

Unfortunately, we have had to leave a few blemishes within the paint work due to the very low paint levels in a small number of areas, all of which is normal for a car, and paint of this age


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