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Aston Martin 1978 V8 Vantage

Enjoyment levels were high for this lady, the engine bay needed considerable work. Older Aston Martin V8’s are easy to clean but a lot of work is needed to make the engine bay stand out as all wires and connectors are on show. So extra time is needed to achieve the right result. To achieve these results steam and strong All Purpose Cleaners (APC’S)were used with stiff brushes and a dremel to remove rusted areas.

After the engine bay was completed the vehicle then had a full stage 1&2 polish. The paint was very hard so Menzerna was used to cut and Meguires 205 was used to finish. The paint was then primed with Gyeon and left overnight. The following day a full wipe down and a ceramic coating from Autobead was added to the paint to bring the full colour and gloss finish that you see. All windows were cleaned and sealed as well as the wheels.
The front seats needed some leather work for this Colour Lock products were used. Filling the cracks and re-spraying areas to help the interior match the outer. Interior paint chips were also visible so touching in around the dash was undertaken.

All in all a lovely example

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