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Audi RS4 B7 – Full ceramic coating detail

We took the RS4 from our good friends for 5 days to properly bring the car back to how it should be.

After a full wash and decontamination the RS was put upon the ramp. The wheels were removed and sent to for refurbishment. The RS then had the arches fully deep cleaned and dressed along with the callipers.

The paint was then looked at, years of bad washing had destroyed the paint leaving it dull, scratched and badly etched. We decided to measure the paint to see what levels we could play with. We had good levels so we decided to wet sand the majority of the car to save a lot of time and a lot of heat that would have been caused by the continual cutting. As you can see the results show the difference.

We then traded the fresh looking paint to new Nero Pro ceramic/Graphene based coating. Three layers were added for long term protection and gloss. The Glass was polished and treated to Intenso glass coating, again fro long term protection and looks. The wheels had kamikaze stance added to match.

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