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BMW M5 Competition Pack


In for the full signature package and utilising are new products from Kamikaze

She was in for the full package:

Using a full range of Kamikaze products including the new ‘Zipang’ self healing coating the finish is flawless.

The detail included.

Full wash and decontamination

80 point check, clean and inspection.

Wheels removed  with the arches and geometry steam cleaned

Callipers cleaned and ‘Stance’ coated.

Wheels steam cleaned, clay barred, polished and ‘Stance’ coated

Tyres degreased, steamed and dressed X2 coats and heat dried to ensure no sling and long lasting shine

Exhaust tips cleaned, clayed and stance coated.

Full paint cleanse prior to polishing to remove all oils and old filler polish

Scan grip CRI light inspection

Paint depth gauged and noted.

Polished using the Kamikaze polish range

Panel wipe with further inspection

X1 coat of Zipang. Left to cure for two hours

X1 coat of Myabi. Left to cure for two hours

X1 coat of Zipang. Left to cure for two hours

Engine bay steam cleaned

All glass polished, panel wiped and X2 coated of Intenso added

Full interior steam cleaned

Fabrics sealed with G-Techniq x2 coats

Leather sealed with Musashi sealant

Inner glass cleaned

Exterior plastics coated with G-Techniq C5

Interior blacks coated

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