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Mclaren F1

Marque One Detailing are proud to be the only detailers to work upon the legendary Mclaren f1’s at the Surry Hq.

Due to the carbon composite of the F1’s and nearly all modern day super/Hyper cars we have to use the best equipment possible to ensure safety when detailing. Hence we use the newest and most up to date equipment available to ensure all paint levels are within the safe parameters to polish. Hence we are the only company to be trusted to detail these cars.

This is the XP-5, still in use for Mclaren and used to test new parts that are developed for the F1 and we had the pleasure to detail this amazing car before she was shown upon the lawns of the London Concours, this is the 4th Mclaren F1 we have detailed and more are in the pipe line – true sign of trust.



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