Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film to protect you from what ever the road throws at you

Why not use Paint Protection Film to Protect your ” Pride and Joy” this winter, with one of Marque One Detailing’s PPF or ceramic coating packages.
Many people ask what is “Paint Protection Film?, which a really good question, putting it as simply as possible.
“Paint Protection Film” or PPF as it is also known, is a very strong & fine urethane material that is almost completely invisible.
When this film is applied to the body of a car, it creates a defensive layer that protects the paintwork from chips, scratches and other abrasive markings, providing a long lasting protection in comparison to other treatments.
“The Marque One Detailing team, are fully trained and qualified by SunTek® PPF products to fit all types of PPF Installations, delivering the very best application possible.
We at Marque One Detailing offer a wide range of tailor made PPF packages, that ensures your vehicle receives the correct PPF application.
To find out more about Marque One Detailing’s PPF packages, in addition to our other bespoke detailing packages which includes our  Ceramic Coating and paint correction packages, and much more.
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