Tinted Glass For Cars By Marque One Detailing

It's Time to Start Getting Your "Pride & Joy's" Windows Tininted

Tinted glass for cars is the latest service being offered by Marque One Detailing, this additional addition to the Marque One Detailing “Stable” of service application packages is a welcome addition to our current PPF & windscreen film packages.


Today’s modern window tinted glass for cars are capable of reducing interior heat by up to 60 percent, as well as blocking up to 99 percent of ultraviolet radiation (UV) rays and filter 90 percent of the sun’s infrared radiation (IR).

The window tints used when being applied not in the factory is a plastic film, usually polyester, and is typically applied to the inside of the windows. Just like like factory window tinting.

As you might expect their are many different types and quantities of additives that affect the tint’s final colour, together with the film’s reflective properties

So What is tinted Glass for Cars and how does it work ?

Firstly, window tinting is basically a scratch resistant thin film, which is usually made from a polyester base, that adheres to the inside of your cars windows.

This is a very good question, Their are a number of reasons why, people have their car windows tinted, the main purpose of tinting isn’t only to make it hard to see into a car (Privacy) whilst making it more appealing – As you might expect there are some really good logical and beneficial reasons that need to be considered when having this modification applied to your car glass.

So what are theses considerations ?

The Benefits of window tinting

UV rays – those harmful UV rays can cause you great harm later on in the future and potentially could be a killer if you’re stuck in the car in the daytime. There are some window tints on the market that will block harmful UV rays, keeping you safer when you are driving.  particularly if you are on the road all day.

Privacy – the windscreen of a vehicle cannot legally have a dark tint applied, however the rear windows of the vehicle are permitted to have glass tints applied. The beauty of this is that this provides some privacy and helps with the security of the cat from thieves if they can’t see what is inside

Glare – By applying a glass tint will help to reduce both night and daytime glare.

Cooler – One of the main benefits that car owners gain is that with less UV and sunlight entering the vehicle, a tint can keep the car cooler.

It Looks Good – It is known that some people do see tinting as a ‘must-have look’ for their car. That’s completely their choice and opinion of course However, for this group of people, they feel that the car looks not finished and smart unless the car has that tinted finish.

As one might expect, there are loads of different shades and types of tints on the market, each one should be considered based solely on what your needs are, what is the look you are trying to achieve and what do you like.

As you would expect there are various  laws and regulations around tinting of glass in a motor vehicles  – This particularly applies around visibility – so it’s important that you understand the full implications of having your vehicles glass tinted, whilst obtaining the tint that will work for you.

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What Types of tints are avaliable ?

Dyed film – is the most widely used type as it’s durable and the most cost-effective option. It will provide that tinted look, decent visibility and block a percentage of sunlight from the car. However, it doesn’t provide the best UV protection or heat resistance, and that leads to decolourisation over time.

Crystalline – has some of the benefits of tint – will block UVs and heat – but doesn’t have a darker appearance.

Metallised film – metal particles within the film will redirect light and aid in UV protection. This type of tint, which can have a shiny appearance, is resistant to fading, is durable and helps to strengthen the window. Be aware that this tint may interfere with phone and radio signals.

Hybrid film – great at reflecting heat and UV rays, is less fade resistant, is durable and won’t interfere with equipment signals.

Carbon film – if you want to look good this may be the tint for you. With UV protection, sleek appearance and offering great reductions in solar heat. Could it get any better?

Ceramic film – yes it can get better. This is the bee’s knees of window tint, offering UV protection, reduced glare, massive reductions in solar heat and good visibility. It does come at a price, of course

Tinted Glass

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