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Ferrari 355 receives loads of TLC

We at Marque One Detailing had the honour and privilege to work on the amazing Ferrari 355, which recently came into our detailing studio at Northfield Milton Keynes’s.

This was a case of not only a mini restoration job, but also a three-stage polish, using Modesta UK coatings as well as a full bespoke PPF front end installation.

As you might expect when undertaking these types of projects, the list was going to be a long one.

To start with, we had to overcome the “Ferrari Sticky Button” problem, so we removed all of the buttons in the interior and had them “3D” scanned and laser etched, which turned out better that the originals, which you cannot buy.

The roof was fully deep cleaned and re – dyed with three coats of dye before being resealed.

The front end of this beauty received a full front end PPF (Paint Protection Film), which was a “Bespoke” installation due to no templates available for this particular model.

A “Three Stage” polish coating from Modesta UK was applied to the rest of this “prancing horse” to give long term protection.

All wheels were deep cleaned and coated, as well as the callipers and inner arches, we also under took a full interior deep clean, with all areas sealed.

The engine bay also received the full treatment, which included a full deep clean and dressing.

Finally, the “Air bag” was removed, as well as the original leather, which was re stitched, glued and reinstalled as it should be.

This Lady was then taken for her MOT on behalf of the client. A big thanks must go to Penning UK for the removal/refit of all part’s especially the airbag.


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