Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass Range Is Now Available From Marque One Detailing

Tinted Glass Range Is now available from Marque One Detailing to support their already well established PPF & windscreen protection film range offer.

Today’s modern window tinted glass for cars are capable of reducing interior heat by up to 60 percent, as well as blocking up to 99 percent of ultraviolet radiation (UV) rays and filter 90 percent of the sun’s infrared radiation (IR).

The window tints used when being applied not in the factory is a plastic film, usually polyester, and is typically applied to the inside of the windows. Just like like factory window tinting.

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As you might expect their are many different types and quantities of additives that affect the tint’s final colour, together with the film’s reflective properties.

As one might expect, there are loads of different shades and types of tints on the market, each one should be considered based solely on what your needs are, what is the look you are trying to achieve and what do you like

However, there are various  laws and regulations around tinting of glass in a motor vehicles  – This particularly applies around visibility – so it’s important that you understand the full implications of having your vehicles glass tinted, whilst obtaining the tint that will work for you.

So What Is Tinted Glass For Cars And How Does It Work ?

Firstly, window tinting is basically a scratch resistant thin film, which is usually made from a polyester base, that adheres to the inside of your cars windows.

This is a very good question, Their are a number of reasons why, people have their car windows tinted, the main purpose of tinting isn’t only to make it hard to see into a car (Privacy) whilst making it more appealing – As you might expect there are some really good logical and beneficial reasons that need to be considered when having this modification applied to your car glass.

Tinted Glass
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