Marque One Detailing had the privilege and honour to be asked by Richards of England to prepare this wondaful restored 1971 Aston Martin  DBS V8 Fuel Injection, Automatic,Left-hand drive for the Salon Privé shown held at Blenheim Palace, on Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th September 2019

  • Back Ground
    • This car (DBSV8/10345/LCA) was delivered to Richards of England as a complete and running car.
    • Following the disassembly by Richards of England’s, the car has undergone chassis and metalwork of the highest standard .
    • 402 originally made, just 43 Aston Martin DBS V8s were registered in the UK last year.
    • Only 3 DBS V8’s were ever manufactured in “Cricket White”. Of the three, only one was ordered with bottle green leather trim, which offers a stunning contrast.
  • The Detailing Package Used
    • A full wash, decontamination was undertaken. All panels were then wiped down with a de-greaser to allow us to see a clear picture of the paint using a Colour range index light.
    • A paint depth gauge reading was taken over each panel, which resulted in high levels of thickness of paint been recorded, that enabled us to cut down safely – this is the most important part of paint correction.
  • Exterior
    • The paint had a few pig tails left over from the paint shop in some areas, which where sanded to ensure complete removal.
    • The final polish been achieved. The paint was then cleansed, sealed and IGL waxed to finish.
  • Rubbers 
    • Rubbers were cleaned and treated using Swissvax products leaving a fresh new look, not glossy black like most other rubber treatments.
  • Wheels
    • Wheels were cleaned and sealed with all arches dressed.
  • Glass
    • Fully polished and cleaned using IGL products
  • Engine bay
    • Full de- grease, all rubbers and plastics treated
  • Interior  
    • Interior was fully cleaned with steam and Colourlock products to ensure the leather was looking its best.
    • Glass and plastics were fully cleaned and wiped down to match. Hoover to finish off with

The 2019 Warren Classic Show Winner  – Best in class 

Aston Martin Engin Bay Aston Martin Salon Preve 2019