We are proud of our reputation as Audi detailing specialists. Here you can find some of the Audi’s we have worked on over the years.

We are fully insured and able to undertake any Audi detailing specialists service you require. Some of the vehicles listed are very rare, showing the level of trust we can offer.

Permission has been granted to use the photo’s from the current owners. If you are a new owner and would like the photos removed please contact us and we will remove them straight away

An Interesting Fact About Audi

The Audi logo came about after a merger of four companies. In 1928, engineer Jørgen Rasmussen acquired majority shares in Audi.

Soon, the company merged with Rasmussen’s DKW, Wanderer and Audi’s old competitor Horch to form the Auto Union in 1932.

The merger led to the creation of the four interlocking rings. Funnily enough, this emblem was also similar to the Olympic Rings (which you’ve also probably noticed).

So much so that the Olympic Committee eventually took them to court in 1995.

The result was as you’d expect, the court ruled that the Audi rings had nothing to do with the Olympic rings and so the two logos live in harmony.

Audi - Detailing - Specialists

Audi R8 V10 – Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

Audi - Detailing - Specialists

Audi RS4 – Full Ceramic Detail

Audi - Detailing - Specialists

Audi RS4 B7 – ceramic coating detail

Audi - Detailing - Specialists

Audi RS4 - Enhancement Detail

Audi R8 V10 - Full Kamikaze treatment.

Audi RS6 - Modesta Coating Treatment

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