Ceramic Coating Specialist

Ceramic Coating Specialist Marque One Detailing 

Ceramic coating specialist Marque One Detailing are fully trained and accredited to apply and install Modesta, IGL and Kamikaze ceramic coatings.

With under 20 Modesta accredited installers within the United Kingdom at present.

The Modesta world beating range of products are not available to the public or detailers that have not been chosen and trained to install their products.

As a Ceramic coating specialist Marque One Detailing have installed 100’s of coatings on vehicles as well as repairing damaged ones.

We have also installed and supplied ceramic coating packages to Aston Martin works in Newport Pagnell, McLaren HQ in Surrey, Pagani UK and Export 56, just to name a few.

​Marque One detailing also offer tailor made coating coating packages for all types of vehicles, which included new, used and classic cars.

Protect Your Investment

All vehicles MUST be fully decontaminated and polished before an application to ensure that the coating can fully bond to the surface.

Polishing the paint before an application is paramount to the overall finish, if the paint is not polished the ceramic coating will ‘lock in’ swirled paint, which will  leave a sub-standard finish within the paint work .

Prior to any ceramic coating’s application, Marque One Detailing will undertake a number of essential steps to ensure the paint is perfectly prepared for the application of the Ceramic Coating. These essential steps are undertaken prior to every ceramic coating application, this is known as the ‘preparation’ stage.

Marque One Detailing also offer wheel, Interior, Glass rubber packages as well as leather repairs, for more information on these services, please use our enquiry form 

For More Information on Our Ceramic Coating Packages, & How Ceramic Coating can protecting your Investment