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Mercedes 500 SL – Ceramic detail

This wonderful Mercedes 500 SL came into our detailing studio for  our Signature Ceramic Coating detail package, as well as a roof recolouring process, and full leather interior detail.

Prior to any ceramic coatings application Marque one Detailing will undertake the following steps to ensure the paint is perfectly prepared for the coating.

These steps are undertaken on every ceramic application, this is known as the ‘preparation’ stage.

Preparation stage 

  • Full safe wash
  • Clay bar
  • De-tar
  • Water spot removal
  • Iron fall out remover
  • Paint depth analysis 
  • Colour Range Index  (CRI) inspection
  • 1,2 or 3 stage paint correction
  • Panel wipe
  • Coating application
  • 24 hour cure time
  • Pure water rinse and dry

When we have completed the preparation stage, on this Mercedes 500 SL, we can now apply the Special Signature ceramic detail package.

This package everything below, plus under vehicle cleaning, all painted areas on the vehicle to be coated, i.e. door shuts and centre console. 

Special Signature

  • Kamikaze Collection Ziapang a state of the art self-healing 3-stage sealant for the ultimate in protection & gloss whilst further increasing the hydrophobic properties and extending durability.
  • Kamikaze/ IGL window seal – Guaranteed for 35,000KM 
  • Kamikaze/IGL Wheel seal, callipers would also be sealed.
  • IGL carpet scotch guard, Carpet seal repels dirt and moisture
  • Colour lock leather balm and anti-abrasive sealant. Designed to replace lost moisture, the sealant protects against abrasion and colour transfer as well as UV rays

We then proceeded to start to re colour and sealant process on the soft top roof.

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