Honda GT Edition 100 special edition,

This Honda model is S2000 GT 100 No 17 of 100.This vehicle has had a full wash, decontamination removal a single stage polish, cleanse, Modesta primer and BC08 ceramic application.

A Brief history of this particular Honda S2000 GT – Number 17
Honda S2000 was launched in 1999, with a frenetic engine, enough practicality for a weekend away and agreeable styling. Sales came to an end after 10 years with the GT Edition 100 special edition, with Grand Prix White paint, special graphite alloys, red leather and a unique serial number badge

What is a Honda S2000 GT 100 Edition all about?

The 2.0-litre VTEC engine singing near its 8300rpm peak power point, use the deliciously mechanical and precise six-speed gearbox to keep it there and you will have a ball.

Do that in one of the more recent S2000s, and you can keep enjoying yourself when you get to a corner, too.

In 2004, Honda made various tweaks to the suspension with the aim of making the steering more entertaining and the tail less unruly.

In 2008, Honda introduced an even less edgy GT model, with uprated springs, thicker anti-roll bars and re-tuned shock absorbers from the Japanese-market Type S.

Now the S2000 is a much more predictable, less nervous machine; the edge of grip arrives in a much more progressive, less snappy way.

You can even chuck in the odd ‘dab of oppo’ moment coming out of a roundabout with out fear of vicious reprisals from the rear end.

It’s aged well, too. For a car that was introduced in 1999, the S2000 still looks sharp, its unashamedly Japanese lines marking it out as a timeless design rather than dating it.

The intimate, driver-oriented cabin is also pleasingly distinctive, even if some of the switchgear is starting to show its age, however, after 10 years on sale, 2009 is the S2000’s last – this GT 100 edition that we’ve managed to lay our hands on is a sort of perverse celebration of that fact.


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