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As a Car Enthusiast, find out the benefits of Ceramic Coating

If you are a car enthusiast and take pride in your “Pride and Joy”, then taking good care of your car will be second nature. However, the regular washing, waxing, or other services might turn out to be very time-consuming, and costly.

But if you want to keep that fresh, brand-new look for years, as a car enthusiast, there is no alternative to regular maintenance.

The waxing or applying paint sealant to your “Pride and Joy” to ensure long-term protection and improving the appearance of your car.


One effective alternative for a car enthusiast is to consider a ceramic coating application. It is the ultimate paint protection covering, that protects your “Pride and Joy” against all that the road can throw at you, particularly during the winter.

Ceramic Coating provides a great first line of defence by locking itself to your car’s paint. So, lets learn more about what ceramic coating is and why you need it for your car.

Protect your Investment

So, what is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a long-term protection option for your car’s exterior. Usually, your vehicle’s paint has three different layers:

  1. A primer layer,
  2. Base coat,
  3. A clear coat layer,

The clear coat layer usually protects your car’s colour. However, the clear coat is prone to damage, meaning that an added protective layer is required to keep it intact.

A correctly applied ceramic coating will provide that extra protection by binding with the car paint. It works as a sacrificial layer designed to take the main impact that your car will be subjected too, for example, sun damage, dirt, salt, grime, tree sap, bird dropping, and anything else the road can throw at you and your car.

Why Does Your Vehicle Need Ceramic Coating?

For the car enthusiast, and true “petrol heads”, Ceramic coating has two benefits, firstly it has a Functional benefit, but also it has an Aesthetic benefit as well.

Paint Protection quality’s

The main purpose of a ceramic coating application is to protect your car’s paint. The ceramic coating which is applied to the paint surface, locks the shine of paint by binding with the paint, whilst, the thick layer of ceramic coating protects the car’s painting from all kinds of natural elements and pollutants. Inanition, the ceramic coating also makes the car’s exterior scratch and swirl resistant.

Its durability quality’s

The ceramic coating act as a shield against exterior elements, that will attack the surface of your car. However, the waxes or sealant’s you might use every few months to restore the protection of your paint work every few months.

A ceramic coating will ensure the protection for years. This is depending on the quality and application of the ceramic coating, can last between 1- 5 years, for this duration, your car won’t have to undergo any major service for surface protection.

A regular wash will be enough to help keep your ceramic coating last for years, whilst wax and paint sealant can easily wear off if you use harsh chemicals when washing your car.

Ceramic coating is known for its durability, even when there’s frequent use of detergent and other car cleaning chemicals.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Its Water-repelling qualities

Water spots are a night mare for car owners. They can damage the exterior of a car. Since a ceramic coating is hydrophobic, it creates a natural water repellent layer over the car paint, ensuring that water and moisture don’t get a chance to accumulate on the paint. meaning that the water drops, bead on the surface and gradually slide off.

When this quality of ceramic coating is applied, you don’t have to worry about accumulating water-based grime or dirt on your car exterior without damaging the exterior of your car.

Shiny & glossy finish

One of the amazing aesthetic benefits of Ceramic Coatings is a shiny and glossy look is probably the most obvious quality of ceramic coating in a car. While ceramic coating provides you all types of protection and functionality, it also substantially elevates the look of your car exterior.  If you want to keep that fresh brand-new look of your car for longer.

When a Ceramic coating is applied onto fresh paint, it can prolong the glossy shiny look of the car exterior. if the ceramic coating has been thickly applied, the shine can still be as god as it was when originally applied, even after years of exposure.

Cost-effective option

Ceramic coating on the face of it looks like a costly undertaking as part of your car maintenance, However, the investment is well worth it.

If you opt for a cheaper protective solution such as paint sealant or waxing, you will have to continually retouch them every few months, and won’t provide you with long-term protection like a ceramic coating application.

When you have had a ceramic coating application done you can rest assured of your “Pride and Joy’s” protection for several years, that will provide extra protection against dirt, scratch, or swirl marks. Ultimately, that saves you time and money from the monthly wax and washing, but will also protect the value of your investment.

Easy to clean maintenance

The smooth texture of ceramic coating ensures that dirt or grime doesn’t get a chance to stick to your car, making it simpler for you to clean and wash. Once you get your car in the garage, you’ll spend less time scrubbing the car.

Protection from chemical staining

When the paint on your car is exposed to nature, it can come in contact with harmful chemicals present in the environment. Many acidic chemicals, tree sap, or even bird droppings can be damaging to your car. Tree sap is acidic and once the acid comes into contact with the clear coat layer of your car paint, it can easily destroy it.

With ceramic coating shielding the paint, these pollutants don’t get a chance to bind with your car paint. A ceramic coating helps to protect the clear coat of car paint, this will make these contaminants less damaging.

Specialist Detailing

Scratch-Resistant properties

It has to be said, a complete scratch-proof protective layer is near impossible, the next best thing is a ceramic coating solution, which can still provide your car some protection against light scratches, from a bush or branch.

It must be understood that ceramic coating does not prevent all scratch damage; but rather it can minimize the damage caused by scratches. The tough layer of ceramic coating makes sure that the damage caused from a scratch or abrasion doesn’t impact the exterior of your car too much. A Ceramic Coating application can also help to protect your car from swirl marks.

Protects your car from sun damage

The exterior of your car takes major hits from a lot of environmental elements which results in sun damage, which is the biggest of them all.

When your car paint surface is exposed to the UV rays of the sun for long prolonged period time, the clear coating gets damaged, which eventually dries out, and a damaging effect similar to rust occurs. Excessive sunlight can also dull the paint and cause it to lose its shine.  Once your car undergoes such colour damage, it will be costly to restore its appearance.

The ceramic coating acts as a protective shield against the sun’s UV rays, protecting your car’s paint from damage. As the oxidation process requires heat, the ceramic coating prevents the oxidation by blocking the sun’s UV rays.

Protects your investment and adds value to your car

Buying a car is a major investment, that you will want to retain its value, with proper maintenance, it will help to ensure that your investment is protected and maintain its value.

Ceramic coating is the best way to ensure your car retains its value and its look even after several years. While there might be signs of wear and tear, a ceramic coating will still appear as a new and functioning car.

In Summary

As a car enthusiast you will be aware, that despite the multiple benefits of a Ceramic Coating solution, a ceramic coating will never provide the complete protection solution for your car.


Even with ceramic coating your car might still get scratched or damaged. However, a ceramic coating solution can ensure a moderate level of protection against the common threats your paint might encounter.

Cleaning and general maintenance becomes less challenging once you have had a ceramic coating application to your car.

As a car enthusiast you want and are looking for a durable protective layer over your car paint to keep its shiny and gloss finish, a ceramic coating is still your best option for that protection with an amazing finish.



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