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Benefits of Ceramic Coating, When Preparing your "Pride & Joy" for the winter months

Benefits of Ceramic Coating your “Pride & Joy” during the winter months in particular are numerous, however you might often find yourself thing of what is the best way to protect your “Pride and Joy” from not only what the road throws at you, but also how to protect your investment.

Maintaining “Your Pride & Joy” to its showroom standard can feel like an uphill challenge, particularly when environmental contaminants, accidental damage, as well as the usual wear and tear.

Ceramic Coating Is now becoming an accepted solution in protecting the paint surface of your vehicle, keep reading to learn what ceramic coating can offer, as well as learning what is right, meets your expectations, and beneficial to your “Pride & Joy”.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Protect Your Investment

Increased Protection

Ceramic coating is a sacrificial layer of protection over your paint, which helps by reducing the chance of chips from stones and other road hazards. The ceramic coating bonds as a semi-permanent layer to your Pride and Joy’s painted surfaces, offering a tough layer of extra protection. 

Porsche 964

Improved, Long-Lasting Shine

If you love that “just waxed” look, Ceramic Coating products can help you enjoy a long-lasting shine. The clear, shiny polymer coating can help your vehicle look spectacular without needing a wax every few months.

Give Your Car a refresh

 Maintenance & Appeal

As the owner who appreciates the finer details, looking after and maintaining your vehicle in “top” condition is one of a number of priorities for you, however, Ceramic Coating will help you to maintain, and protect your investment’s whilst maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Easy To Keep Clean

One of the biggest benefits of Ceramic Coating is its ability to help your vehicle stay clean after each wash. The Ceramic Coating repels water and dirt, allowing it to roll off, versus adhering to the paint or wheels. Your vehicle will look clean longer and be easier to clean when protected with Ceramic Coating.  

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Cost Effectiveness

By investing in a Ceramic Coating application for your car, you will not only be protecting your investment, as well as your vehicles paint work from the expensive maintenance or repair of your paint work, without worrying about stone chips, road grime or debris that could damage your car’s paint.

Marque One Detailing are fully accredited to install the worlds leading Modesta ceramic coating and glass coating sealants.

With under 20 Modesta accredited installers within the United Kingdom at present. Modesta products are not available to the public or detailers that have not been chosen and trained to install their products.

Our purpose built Detailing Studio has been specifically designed to create the very best conditions in which to undertake all aspects of car detailing, in particularly the instillation and application of Glass Coatings.

Windscreen Protection Film

Marque One Detailing also offers a range of “Bespoke Seamless PPF Installation” packages for all types and makes of cars. 
In addition to this, Marque One also offers a range of windscreen and glass protection film packages which support our full PPF range offer.

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