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Modesta Coatings That Help to Protect your Investment

Award Winning Detailing For Your Pride & Joy

Marque One Detailing are trained and certified ceramic and glass coating based in Milton Keynes, just off the M1 at junction 14.

Marque One Detailing are fully accredited to install the worlds leading Modesta glass coating sealants.

With under 20 Modesta accredited installers within the United Kingdom at present. Modesta products are not available to the public or detailers that have not been chosen and trained to install their products.

Our purpose built Detailing Studio has been specifically designed to create the very best conditions in which to under take all aspects of car detailing, in particularly the instillation and application of Glass Coatings.

The Marque One Detailing Story

Marque One Detailing are one of the UK’S leading car detailing and paint protection company’s.

We specialise in paint correction and protection to meet the needs of our clients throughout Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and London.

Marque One Detailing, are a well-established, award winning car detailing company based in Milton Keynes.

Named after it’s founder, Mark Stabler, this family run company has experienced great success in delivering a family focused service.

This has been achieved through outstanding expertise and attention to detail, together with a passion and dedication in what we do.

Modesta Coatings

Modesta Coatings, Ceramic Coatings That Help To Protect "Your Pride and Joy"

Some Benefits Of Modesta Coatings.


Extra Layer Of Protection For Your “Pride And Joy”

One of the major benefits of a Modesta glass coating is that it provides your vehicle with an extra layer of protection from the various elements that can cause damage.

For instance, the ultra volte light given off by the sun, which has the potential to cause a lot of harm to your vehicle over a period of time, especially if it’s left outside.

996 - Porsche

Modesta Coatings Helps To Make Your “Pride And Joy’s” Paintwork More Durable 

A glass coating causes debris, liquids, and chemicals to bounce off the exterior surface easily instead of damaging it.

The vehicle seems cleaner because the dirt has less ability to adhere to the surface.

This doesn’t mean your “pride and joy” will never need washing, you will still need to have a maintenance plan in place, to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the coating that has been applied to your vehicle.

The Modesta range of glass coatings offer superior strength and protection over standard ceramic coatings as well as giving an additional 10 microns to the paint surface.

Unlike many other ceramic coatings on the market the Modesta coatings will not require a “top up” to enable the coating to reach its normal life span.

Modesta Coatings Enhances The Look Of Your “Pride And Joy’s” Paintwork

Vehicle’s that have a Modesta glass coating will have a “candy” like finish and will maintain its pristine look and finish for a longer period of time.

Their translucent, second-skin will protect not only freshly applied paint work, on a new car and keep it looking pristine , but will also produce the same results on older paint work, after a paint correction process has been under taken.

Modesta Coatings

Marque One Detailing also offers a range of “Bespoke Seamless PPF Installation” packages for all types and makes of cars. 
In addition to this, Marque One also offers a range of windscreen and glass protection film packages which support our full PPF range offer.

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