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Bentley Continental GTC

Number 2 of the international journey!!

This stunning Bentley was again in need of the teams help. After driving to the client’s location in Europe the car undertook a considerable makeover. As usual a full wash and decontamination took place followed by paint depth gauge readings and a test spot before the machine polishing could take place. A two-stage polish was needed to bring the paint back to life and defect free. No major scratches but covered in swirls and etching. One of the best paints to refine as the results were a lot easier to come by!! 

SwissVax was then used to finish off the look and add some much-needed protection.

The interior was deep cleaned and hoovered. Steam was added to help lift the oils and dirt from the seats.

The engine bay and wheels were also treated to steam as well to remove stubborn dirt and grime. 

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