Paint Protection Installation - Lamborghini Gallardo super Leggera Evo

A Paint Protection Installation and Carbon repair on the diffuser was carried out on this amazing Lamborghini Gallardo super Leggera Evo.
However … the carbon was removed and repaired to a level we have not seen before, it looks brand new, the bonnet was removed and repainted due to stone chips.
The front end was fully bulk fitted, seamless edges so no peel back, no weak points and no corners showing. The bonnet was left to ‘gas out’ as the car was with us for 2 months.
The entire car bar the roof, engine spoiler and diffuser was again bulk fitted, all areas were removed by Pennings fitters who are insurance approved ‘IMI’ to under take the process. Once installed the car was coated including the exposed areas.
The Interior had the carbon polished and a good clean of the fabrics, engine bay cleaned as the wheels, we are very proud of how this car has come back to life.
This is a very rare full carbon two owner, with only 6000 miles on the clock, which deserves the protection and finish it has now.
We offer bulk as well as templated installs, in the coming weeks a certain Porsche will be undertaking a full bulk Fitment, with all the glass, bumpers, handles, mirrors as much as possible for the PPF to look as natural as possible.
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