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The MQ1D News From The Detailing Studio 

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Spring 2023 – Edition 2

The MQ1D News Updates

Welcome to the latest edition of ‘MQ1D News from the Detailing Studio’.


Since our last edition of MQ1D News back in the autumn of last year we have moved into our new detailing studio within the Penning’s building and now have our own dedicated entrance, and external cleaning bays which, has had a massive benefit to our work flow and detailing process.


We have also become involved with a specialised car restoration team which, has certainly been an interesting, but exciting and rewarding experience and we have had some amazing classics in the studio recently including a fully working 1920’s Classic Austin 7 racing car, which is still racing today and was in for a general clean and polish, there are further details on that later. 


Looking at the year ahead we are starting to look forward to the Salon Privé Concours d’Elégance at the end of August 2023 and London Concours d’Elégance in early September 2023, where we hope to have some special cars featuring and for the first time this summer we are going to be in partnership with some of our clients, as they show their car’s at local and specialist new and old classic car shows, which is going to be an brilliant experience.


We are also planning to exhibit at some of these local show’s, ourselves for the first time with our very own “Concourse Show Car”, which has been undergoing a massive restoration and re build over the winter months.

The MQ1D News

MQ1D has officially launched our new “Auto Glass Tinting” range which, is already starting to establish itself as one of our core additional services . This new range will compliment and strengthen our existing PPF and windscreen range offers in the future.


Finally the last six months has seen MQ1D launch our stand alone YouTube Channel, which now features a number of videos, relating to some of the work we have carried out on a range of cars that have visited our studio. 


I do hope that you will enjoy reading this latest edition of “The MQ1D New from The Detailing Studio”.

Mark Stabler

Marque One Detailing

"The MQ1D News Features"

The MQ1D News

This Classic Cosworth RS

Is Re – Born

Classic Cosworth RS has been re – born, this has been a real labour of love, which has involved more than over 240-man hours of polishing and detailing alone to bring this beauty back to life and restored to its former beauty!

The MQ1D News

Rare Porsche 968CS Comes Into The Dream Detailing Studio

This rare Porsche 968CS in flat black is as rare as hens’ teeth. We had a few hurdles of over come on this amazing Porsche when it came into our detailing studio recently.

The MQ1D News

Austin 7 Sports Car Comes

In For A Spruce Up

This Classic Austin 7 racing car one of last week’s little projects, Its projects like this really gives a buzz around the Studio, particularly as this Austin has loads of history attached to it to die for, which needs protecting for future enthusiasts.

The MQ1D News

The Ferrari F1 355

Spider Story

This Ferrari F1 355 Spider story all began when this amazing “Prancing Horse” came into our detailing studio in Milton Keynes.

As you might expect when undertaking these types of projects, the list was going to be a long one

Welcome to the Official Marque One Detailing You Tube Channel.

To view these “snap shot video’s” in full, and more, why not visit our YouTube Channel, by clicking on the link below

It’s Time To Start Getting Your “Pride & Joy’s” Windows Tininted

Tinted glass for cars is the latest service being offered by Marque One Detailing, this additional service to the Marque One Detailing range is a welcome addition to our current PPF & windscreen film packages.

Today’s modern window tints for glass are capable of reducing interior heat by up to 60 percent, as well as blocking up to 99 percent of ultraviolet (UV) rays and filter 90 percent of the sun’s infrared radiation (IR).

The window tint used is a plastic film, usually polyester, and is typically applied to the inside of the windows. Just like like factory window tinting. As you might expect there are many different types and quantities of additives that affect the tint’s final colour, together with the film’s reflective properties

356 Carrera

Marque One Detailing also offers a range of “Bespoke Seamless PPF Installation” packages for all types and makes of cars. 
In addition to this, Marque One also offers a range of windscreen and glass protection film packages which support our full PPF range offer.

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